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It’s a busy night in your restaurant–every table is full and the kitchen is getting orders out in a timely manner and customers are happy. Then it hits–a POS nightmare! Your POS system, while sleek, portable and iPad based, is backing up and malfunctioning. And customers who previously were sipping on a final glass of wine with a smile on their faces are now starting to get very angry. Time is ticking.

Here’s the root of your problem–if you don’t have MobileBytes as your POS software, then you don’t have multi-threading capabilities.

During high volume times, systems without multi-threading begin to slow, and sometimes even grind to a halt. It’s kind of like a freeway system. In a busy city full of people trying to get various places, a two lane road during can cause a major traffic jam during peak travel times. With multi-threading, it’s like adding unlimited additional highways, byways and streets, with effective traffic direction, to get everyone (and the data requests in your MobileBytes system) to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So what does this mean for you? MobileBytes is a more reliable system with constant up-time and minimal failure points. One of our clients is a busy bar on Mill Avenue in Tempe and during an ASU game they had eight devices running at once–with no problem. Most other iPad based systems would have lagged to a halt because they’re not built on an architecture that takes advantage of multi-threading.

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