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 Here’s a little more insight into the mind of one of our sales greats, Brittany Payne!

  1. What is your favorite part of your job? The variety of the work I do. I am able to work with every internal department at Copperstate and assist each customer from their first day throughout a long, beneficial relationship.
  2. What is a typical day for you? There is never an opportunity to begin a task and finish it without interruption. My day is controlled chaos, and multi-tasking is a must. When a sale comes in, it needs to be entered, distributed, purchased, received, racked, invoiced and SO MUCH MORE!
  3. Why do you like working with Copperstate Customers? They chose us to make their vision a reality, so there is a great deal of pressure on us to deliver. I’m competitive, so a win for them is a win for me.
  4. What are your future goals with the company or in your future? To take on roles I enjoy because that’s when you do your best, resulting in internal and customer benefit.
  5. What is one skill you want to learn to enhance your contributions to the job? I have to remember not to take things personally, and I could improve on that. It’s not a perfect world and it’s our responsibility to offer solutions to customers that might have been burnt in the past.