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Here’s the top 5 reasons it’s essential for you to order your holiday gift cards now! In fact we recommend ordering them by October 15 so you have enough stock for the holiday season!

-At least 10% of gift cards (if not more) go unredeemed

-Gift cards are a great marketing opportunity.  Hand out $5 cards at your next Chamber of Commerce meeting to entice new customers in…they’ll spend more than $5

-The average person spends at least 20% over the value of the card

-Great gift card sales in December turns into better revenue in January as customers are looking to spend less after the holidays and are apt to use their gift cards for eating out

-Plastic cards are much better than paper certificates for accuracy and speed of service and prevents employee theft – it’s also easier for customers to keep track of their balances and not ask for cash on the remaining balance

What are you waiting for? Let Copperstate Restaurant Technologies assess your holiday gift card needs and we’ll quote you a price today! Contact us here!