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MobileBytes POS is the newest addition to our suite of restaurant technology products.  MobileBytes answers the call of mobile, cloud-based technology, all at a friendly price-point.

MobileBytes is backed by an incredible development team who have already worked in most features required for everything from fast food to full table service to high-volume bars.  This aggressive company is continually advancing the product and by incorporating the suggestions and requests from the current user base as well as informed industry experts.  As of January 12th, an array of new reporting features were released including:

  • Increased Date Ranges:  Allowing report queries to reach back years into the past for comparative analysis of sales and labor data
  • Filtering:  Getting reports was already easy, but now you can filter by additional criteria including per staff member
  • Exporting:  All reports can now be exported to .PDF and .CSV with the click of a button, making it easier to send data to book keepers, partners, etc…
  • Simplified Drill Down:  You can now easily take reports down to the check detail level through Transaction Detail and Ticket Summary reports.

New features are being added all of the time and we’re so proud to be representing MobileBytes.  For more information, contact