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Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to ensure accuracy and diminish employee fraud through the time clock system?

Look no further than the finger tip reader offered by MICROS. This integrated fingertip reader is an add-on product to your baseline POS system. The fingertip reader allows employees to clock in and out using their thumb print as an identifier. For a one time payment of $120 you can save yourself headaches and potentially a lot of money.

With the MICROS system, you can set parameters for your staff’s clock-in and clock-out times, giving them a window of time so that they’re not clocking in early and draining the clock, or showing up late. Both of these exceptions would require manager override, making employee performance issues easier to identify and address. With a fingertip reader, it ensures the identity of the person who is clocking in and it completely eliminates employees clocking each other in. Labor is a major restaurant expense so helping to control it with our labor management software and biometric reader puts money back on your bottom line.

Contact us for a quote on installation so we can save you time and money today!!