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Our Paper

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supplies-paper-1plyThermal BPA Free Paper for all MICROS Thermal Roll Printers2 1/4” x 85’ x 50 rolls
SKU: 140-100-1
Our Price: $25.00
3 1/8” x 230’ x 50 rolls
SKU: 140-333
Our Price: $54.00
1-Ply White Paper for all MICROS Impact Roll Printers
2 3/4”  x 190’ x 50 rolls
SKU: 100-017
Our Price: $31.00
3 ” x 165’ x 50 rolls
SKU: 100-018
Our Price: $24.00
2-Ply White Paper for all MICROS Impact Roll Printers
3 ” x 90’ x 50 rolls, White/Canary
SKU: 115-120
Our Price: $38.00
Mid Perforation Medical Paper
8 1/2” x 11”
SKU: 100-850
Our Price: $52.00


supplies-ribbonCartridge Ribbon for MICROS TM-U200, 220, 300 PrinterERC 30/34/38 Black/Red, Black, Purple (6 per box)
SKU: EE-022
Our Price: $12.00


supplies-id-cardMagnetic Identification CardPrevents unauthorized access to MICROS system functions.
SKU: 200156-002
Our Price: $1.50 each or $25/25 pack


supplies-card-minderRetractable Card Minder – SkiZipRetractable leash to attach mag-card to belt loop, button hole, etc.
Our Price: $1.50 each or $25/25 pack
supplies-card-cleanerMagnetic Card Reader Cleaners – 25 packPre-saturated, disposable head cleaning card removes contaminants from all
types of magnetic card reading devices.
Our Price: $1.50 each or $25/25 pack

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