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(originally published on the PosiQ blog)

For years, marketers and restauranteurs alike have been searching for ways to create a loyalty experience that is as engaging as it is effective. The first stage in the evolution of loyalty platforms came in the form of punch cards, glorified business cards that were typically stamped or hole-punched to denote how many times a guest had visited a business. After a certain number of visits, they would receive some type of reward. However, as this type of loyalty system caught on, more and more businesses began to use it and as with all things popular, the novelty of the punch card began to run dry.

Most importantly, there was no way to track whether or not these cards were driving in more customers.

In turn, the next phase in the evolution of loyalty platforms came to life in the form of digital punch cards. This form got rid of the clutter and consolidated each restaurant’s businesses into one, uniform card.

While this was great in theory, the results were relatively the same. The novelty of all card-based loyalty platforms had almost completely diminished. Customers weren’t rushing back to fill up their cards because the rewards weren’t creative or engaging enough.

So, this brings us to the fundamental question of: “why do restaurants implement a loyalty system?” In the most basic sense, a loyalty system should reward a loyal customer with something they’ll want to come back and redeem. These rewards should be significant and personal.

A vegetarian does not want a free steak.

In summary – the most effective rewards are the also most personal.

This is where small businesses have the advantage over larger chains. The customer should feel like they have a deeper, more intimate relationship with their favorite restaurant. They don’t want to feel like another number.

A loyalty system should be able to leverage customer-purchasing data to create personal rewards to strengthen the bond with their customers.

PosiqCRM’s integrated loyalty system uses data in the POS system so that tastes, patterns & behavior collected from each customer can be used to create special rewards and offers for the most loyal customers. Furthermore, our system does not make use of punch or digital cards. Rather, they use the power of mobile phones to communicate on a one-to-one basis with customers.

To learn more about how to integrate this unique rewards program directly into your POS system, contact us today!!