May 22, 2015

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Meet The Team: Steve Appleget

Steve Appleget is celebrating 25 years with Copperstate Restaurant Technologies and so we wanted to give him a special shout-out on our blog this month! Steve, we cannot thank you enough for your tireless service to our team and our customers!

Here’s 5 things about Steve we wanted to share!

What is your favorite part of your job?
Taking hardware apart and putting back together and having it work the it’s suppose to.

What is a typical day for you?
Going to customer’s site and fixing their hardware and sometimes software problems, and/or working on equipment in the office.

Why do you like working with Copperstate Customers?
Generally they are delighted that I was able to fix the problem they were experiencing .

What are your future goals with the company?
Continue to repair hardware and become more familiar  with the new systems that we sell and install.

What is one skill you want to learn to enhance your job?
Become more knowledgeable with MobleBytes POS

May 14, 2015

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New Feature: MICROS Email Receipt System, Now Available

Great news for MICROS customers who have the RES 3700 system. MICROS is now offering an add-on currently for RES 3700 systems only, which allows the system to email a customer’s receipt to them upon check closing. 

This new add on also includes back end features as well, such as being able to BCC email addresses, for archiving of receipts to an email address in case a customer calls back a few days later and needs the email to be resent. This feature also offers numerous website integration’s and 3rd party applications that can parse the email address info into other CRM or marketing system.  

It can also keep its own .csv file of all the email addresses if you wish to manually import these into your marketing software or email campaign.

Want more information on how to add this feature to your business? Contact our sales team today at 480-602-3020.

May 7, 2015

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MICROS: Past, Present and Future

Ever wondered how the modern day restaurant POS system started out as a simple cash register and has morphed into the powerhouse that it is today? Tracking inventory, time clocks and so much more? Check out this very informative and fun video that looks at the history of MICROS and the future.

Just click the skip button below to start the video

April 15, 2015

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EMV Technology: What You Need To Know

EMV TechnologyWith the October rollout of EMV Technology for retailers and merchants much has been publicized about compliance and the shift of liability on to retailers for accepting fraudulent cards instead of the card issuers themselves. The most important thing to note–after October 15 the liability will shift to the merchant if fraud takes place at your establishment. However, two important pieces must be considered–1) you are liable if you do not upgrade your hardware to EMV compatible technology AND 2) you are liable if the fraudster uses a stolen card that has an EMV chip and you process it via the swipe method.

So what does that mean? Well it’s going to take a long time for EMV cards to roll out nationwide from card issuers. In fact, estimates say it could be well into 2018 before 96% of cards are EMV compatible. So from that respect, you have some time to get compatible. And also, remember that small restaurants are usually not hot beds of fraudulent activities by crooks. So though it it possible for someone to use a stolen card at your restaurant, and eventually you will bear the liability, it may not be for thousands of dollars. However, if it happened frequently the dollars could indeed add up, so it is well worth it to spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade your hardware to EMV technology.

American Express is offering merchants $100 gift cards right now to get them motivated to upgrade their systems. More details about that promotion by clicking here.

Need more information on this topic? Give us a call–we are happy to walk you through the ins and outs and answer any questions you might have about EMV technology and how it might affect your small business.

April 7, 2015

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Customer Service Separates Us From the Pack

It warms our hearts and souls when we get positive feedback from our clients. We take customer service incredibly seriously and so when a compliment is paid, we like to share it! Not all POS System companies in Phoenix are created equal.

Front of the House Manager, Sean from Black Bart’s Steakhouse said, “I’d like to thank you and your team at Copperstate for a great product and phenomenal customer service. Having a POS in house has made a lot of things smoother. My serving team has adjusted very well to the new system, even those who were working with hand written tickets for years. It has also made my job easier with tracking sales for both servers and items.”

It was our pleasure to serve you and your team Sean! Looking for this level of happiness? Contact us today to upgrade your current system or learn more about what we offer.

March 31, 2015

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Copperstate Restaurant POS Systems

From the Field: Happy Copperstate Customers Abound!

We love sharing the good news–especially when it’s a customer who is raving about Copperstate! Here’s a quick Q & A we did with very satisfied client Paul Hills, GM of the Holiday Inn and Suites Scottsdale Airpark North. Thanks Paul!


Has Copperstate ever done anything that was above and beyond for you?  If so, can you share a few words on what it was?
Yes, we communicated the urgency for a Micros POS at our property with and interface to our Opera PMS.  Copperstate was able to work within the expedited time table we needed to open our restaurant. 


How much do you rely on Copperstate for the success of your business?
This was the first Micros install for all managers involved on this property.  It was overwhelming to begin, but Copperstate was able to offer suggestions and recommendations in areas where we had little experience.  In many cases, these suggestions and recommendations are the very reason for our current success.


Are you glad that Copperstate is your POS provider?  Why or why not?
We are excited with our Copperstate partnership because of the support we have received with regards to installation, interface integration, and technical support for day to day questions that arise during operations.

March 3, 2015

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Restaurant Loyalty Program Evolution

(originally published on the PosiQ blog)

For years, marketers and restauranteurs alike have been searching for ways to create a loyalty experience that is as engaging as it is effective. The first stage in the evolution of loyalty platforms came in the form of punch cards, glorified business cards that were typically stamped or hole-punched to denote how many times a guest had visited a business. After a certain number of visits, they would receive some type of reward. However, as this type of loyalty system caught on, more and more businesses began to use it and as with all things popular, the novelty of the punch card began to run dry.

Most importantly, there was no way to track whether or not these cards were driving in more customers.

In turn, the next phase in the evolution of loyalty platforms came to life in the form of digital punch cards. This form got rid of the clutter and consolidated each restaurant’s businesses into one, uniform card.

While this was great in theory, the results were relatively the same. The novelty of all card-based loyalty platforms had almost completely diminished. Customers weren’t rushing back to fill up their cards because the rewards weren’t creative or engaging enough.

So, this brings us to the fundamental question of: “why do restaurants implement a loyalty system?” In the most basic sense, a loyalty system should reward a loyal customer with something they’ll want to come back and redeem. These rewards should be significant and personal.

A vegetarian does not want a free steak.

In summary – the most effective rewards are the also most personal.

This is where small businesses have the advantage over larger chains. The customer should feel like they have a deeper, more intimate relationship with their favorite restaurant. They don’t want to feel like another number.

A loyalty system should be able to leverage customer-purchasing data to create personal rewards to strengthen the bond with their customers.

PosiqCRM’s integrated loyalty system uses data in the POS system so that tastes, patterns & behavior collected from each customer can be used to create special rewards and offers for the most loyal customers. Furthermore, our system does not make use of punch or digital cards. Rather, they use the power of mobile phones to communicate on a one-to-one basis with customers.

To learn more about how to integrate this unique rewards program directly into your POS system, contact us today!!